Toni Morrison’s Sula: A satire on binary thinking. (Summary)

The preeminent purpose of Toni Morrison’s Sula: A satire on binary thinking is to trigger a domino affect of thought pertaining to the original goal of Toni Morrison while she was writing the novel Sula. It is indicated well throughout the introductory paragraphs that Sula can be interpreted in bounteous ways whether it be an Irony, a Contradiction, or even a mockery to Binary thinking. This essay is organized spatially due to the fact that it is indeed filled with oodles of information. Bergenholtz uses quotes from the novel as well as excerpts from interviews to deliver evidence that will support her claims on Sula being a Satire on Binary thinking. In essence, the fundamental purpose of this article was to acknowledge the style of writing Toni Morrison used in order to create Sula.

Substantially, this work undeniably achieved its purpose of unmasking Morrison’s creative usage of binary thinking in the novelĀ Sula. I was able to comprehend the many references the author used to solidify her opinion that the novel was a satire on binary thinking. Bergenholtz offered a substantial amount of resources that stated the same theories and opinions OVER AND OVER again. Although it did better my understanding of the passage it became quite redundant as I continued to read. The organization of this work was a critical factor in my understanding of the topic. The vocabulary used in this article was very intense; I enjoyed reading but it definitely took a few readings to be able to fully comprehend the content. Overall the essay was very organized and also very descriptive.